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Just take the damn thing out.....

Since the weekend, I've had this unbelievable pain in my mouth. So, I go in this morning to have the dentist look at it. He ended up giving me a partial root canal and told me to come back when I decide whether to have the root canal and a crown, or have the tooth extracted. The X-ray showed a nice abcess under the tooth which is the cause of my pain. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say, the procedure was done to relieve the pressure on the nerve of my tooth. I thought the way he figured out which tooth was giving me grief was interesting and wierd. He tapped on each of my teeth on that side, and the one that hurt the most was the one bothering me. Then, he touched each tooth with a really, really cold instrument. The tooth that didn't respond was the one bothering me. Wierd, but interesting. So, he did the procedure and gave me some antibiotics. It's wierd because now I feel more sick than I did beofre. My mouth is also more sore, but he said it would be because he was "stirring things up." I'm trying to take it easy, eat soft foods, and I have to take all my medicine. Just take the damn thing out, already.
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