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More Spike Withdrawal

It's Tuesday now. Since Scarecrow didn't have S6 of Buffy, I had Garrett order them from Netflix. Found out he didn't do it in time to change Scooby 1 and Scooby 2. Grr. Arrgh. Now I'm going to be on Buffy overload. Ael and Erin will love it. I told them Buffy is Daphne, now they think she's awesome. Buffy does kick ass, but I'd rather get my Spike fix, thank you very much. :-) Only one S6 disk will be arriving. Crap. I need to get up early to get Ael ready for school. I like having her in school, but the mornings are killing me. Need to vote, too. Don't know when I'll do that. I'm kind of pissed about the new system Washington has for the primary. I'm not a member of any political party. I don't want to declare one. Oh well. If I don't vote, I can't complain. I think I'll vote, anyway. Went to Rainbow tonight. The girls are doing pretty well since they went inactive over the summer. It looks like they really want to make it work and get the Assembly up and running again. I hope so. I lived through an Assembly closure, and it wasn't fun. Wish Maine had done a program like this back when Bangor closed. We have a Star meeting tonight. Shit! I hope it's not long form opening. I haven't looked at my Ritual all summer long. Oh well. I know it well enough to fake it, I think. The girls are excited because they get to go back to Renee's house. We've been really lucky finding Renee. She watches the girls, and they love her. It's been hard finding a good babysitter since we don't have any family around. I need to type the minutes from parent orientation from preschool. I'm excited about preschool this year. It's my last year with Erin. My last year in co-op preschool. Kind of bittersweet. I've loved going to school with my girls. I think that was why it was so much harder to let Ael go to Kindergarten last year. But, I have my school work, so that'll keep me busy, too. Wow. 1 am. Guess I'd better get out of here and go to bed. Not before I check out James tasties on the web,though. I gotta get my Spike fix. :-)
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