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Donna Fitzgerald's Journal

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Saturday, March 4th, 2006
7:54 am
Submitted my exam that was due yesterday with 16 minutes to spare. In fact, the DDP system clock said I submitted my exam at 4:44:44 PST. Cool, huh? :-)

current mood: awake

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Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005
5:46 pm
I love my knew avi. :-) I must give credit where credit is due and tell you all that sarekofvulcan created it for me. I told him what I thought a really cool (no pun intended) avi would look like, and he did the stitching. *mwah*

current mood: bouncy

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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005
6:34 pm - Just take the damn thing out.....
Since the weekend, I've had this unbelievable pain in my mouth. So, I go in this morning to have the dentist look at it. He ended up giving me a partial root canal and told me to come back when I decide whether to have the root canal and a crown, or have the tooth extracted. The X-ray showed a nice abcess under the tooth which is the cause of my pain. I won't go into details, but suffice it to say, the procedure was done to relieve the pressure on the nerve of my tooth. I thought the way he figured out which tooth was giving me grief was interesting and wierd. He tapped on each of my teeth on that side, and the one that hurt the most was the one bothering me. Then, he touched each tooth with a really, really cold instrument. The tooth that didn't respond was the one bothering me. Wierd, but interesting. So, he did the procedure and gave me some antibiotics. It's wierd because now I feel more sick than I did beofre. My mouth is also more sore, but he said it would be because he was "stirring things up." I'm trying to take it easy, eat soft foods, and I have to take all my medicine. Just take the damn thing out, already.

current mood: sore

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Sunday, June 26th, 2005
8:15 pm - Slang
This is odd considering I hail from Maine.....

Your Slanguage Profile

Southern Slang: 50%
Aussie Slang: 25%
British Slang: 25%
Canadian Slang: 25%
New England Slang: 25%
Prison Slang: 25%
Victorian Slang: 25%

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Monday, June 13th, 2005
8:35 pm - Well, duh.....
The One True Slayer
81 Bites of Slayage
Damn. Not only have you died twice doing what you do, but no one understands your burden and you find yourself disturbingly attracted to vampires. You are the ultimate repository of what it takes to be the Slayer, and no one can tell you otherwise. If you don't own all seven seasons on DVD, it's cause they haven't been released in your country yet. I am in total awe of you, and maybe just the tiniest bit creeped out.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 58% on bites
Link: The Ultimate Buffy Test written by Iguanita41 on Ok Cupid

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Sunday, June 5th, 2005
12:08 am - I'm such a movie whore....
1. Take this list, post it into your own LJ, and mark the movies you've seen.
2. Add five more movies to the end of the list.
3. Count how many X'es you have. If you've seen more than 70 movies, you are a ~*~ Movie Whore ~*~.
4. Post the score of how many movies you've seen in your LJ-cut text.
5. (optional) Question your friend's taste in movies.

I got 125Collapse )

current mood: dorky

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Saturday, June 4th, 2005
11:02 pm - I got tagged.....
queenkestrel tagged me, so now I have to list my 6 current favorite songs. I have small children, so I rarely listen to music. But, when I do, these are the ones I like the most.

1. Bad -- James Marsters
2. Standing -- from OMWF
3. I'll Tell Me Ma -- Atwater-Donnelly
4. Standing Outside the Fire -- Garth Brooks
5. Molasses to Rum -- 1776 (the movie)
6. Christmas in the Northwest -- Brenda Kutz White

Tag, you're it: sarekofvulcan, pokerkitten, kayser, buffygroupie (when she reads it), cyrus7.

current mood: thoughtful

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Friday, January 7th, 2005
2:40 am
Spuffy Expert
You know your Spuffy Stuff! You are a complete
expert! Great Job!

Are You A Spike and Buffy Expert?
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Thursday, December 23rd, 2004
10:35 pm
You are obssessed with James Marsters. You want to
become his wife and his personal sex slave. You
care nothing of his fame or money, you just
want his hot body. You have every picture of
him on the internet saved to disk and printed
out and hanging on a wall or three. You dream
of him nightly and even have named pets after

Are You Obsessed With James Marsters?
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Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
11:00 pm
You are Harmony

Which of Spike's lovers are you?
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Monday, December 6th, 2004
10:50 pm - Wormie, R.I.P.
My story begins a week ago yesterday (Sunday). Garrett went out with Ael to give me some semi-quiet study time. Easier to study with one girl around than two. So, Erin sits in the yard on a rock watching them leave. Just before we come in the house, she brings me a worm she's found. "I'll put it here on the railing so I can see him from the window!" she says. I tell her, "Erin, if you handle the worm too much it's going to die." Well, some hassle ensues about where wormie would be best suited. He squirms and falls off the railing and lands on the porch with an audible SPLAT! Erin turns around and exclaims, "Oh no! He's bleeding! I guess you're right. That's not a good place for him." I say, "Maybe you should put him back in the dirt where you found him." Erin thinks. "I'll put him here, in the leaves." "Erin, if you put him in the leaves on the steps, he's going to get stepped on." "Oh. You're right. I know!" She runs over to the unused plant saucer she made (painted) in preschool last year. "There! He's in the water! Now he can take a bath, and I can see him from the window!" Erin runs in the house beaming.

Next day, Monday, I have to scrape the windows and let the car run because it is literally freezing outside. I notice that the water in the saucer where Erin placed Wormie the day before has frozen. With Wormie in it. I say nothing. I take Ael to school and Garrett to work. When Erin and I get back home, again, I say nothing. Later on, while we're outside waiting for Erin's ride to preschool, and for some reason that entirely escapes me, I say, "Hey, Erin! Look at this!" And, I show her the frozen water with Wormie in it. At first, she admires it and thinks it's neat that the water froze. Then she realizes the worm is still in there! Immediately, she does everything she can think of to get the water out. She ends up banging it on a rock. I say, "Erin, you're not going to be able to get Wormie out of there. He's already dead." Erin says, "I know. But, I have to get him out so I can bury him!" OMG! "Erin, you can't get the worm out of the ice, so don't bother trying." She turns around holding the worm.

Erin runs into the entryway and grabs my gardening trowel. "I have to bury him!" At this point, I can see Erin is quite shaken. Tears are starting to come out of her eyes. "I have to bury Wormie because that's what you do when people die! You bury them in the ground!" Erin's practically sobbing at this point, and I realize that the best thing I can do now is hold her and tell her she's doing the right thing. So, she goes over to the bare spot on the lawn and digs a small hole. She puts Wormie in it. Then, she has to dig another small hole to collect dirt to cover Wormie up. When she's satisfied Wormie has been properly buried, she puts away the trowel, and her ride shows up.

A few days later, Erin looks desperately around the yard for a flower to put on Wormie's grave. I tell her the flowers are all gone until next spring and distract her with something else to get her inside. Yesterday, Garrett says, Erin stopped as she was walking by the grave, folded her hands in front of her and just stood for a moment.

This morning, when I untangled the dog's leash, I felt eerily like I was desecrating Wormie's grave by walking on the bare spot. This is the 5-year-old's lesson on death and dying. I don't think it's over yet.

current mood: tired

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Friday, October 29th, 2004
2:37 pm - Like high school all over again......
Well, the Serenity chat room came back up. Thank God. BuffyGroupie and I have really bonded over James. :-) Isn't it great to have common interests?

Our preschool director had wanted to know what "stud" pics I sent to another preschool mom, so I showed them to her after our last parent meeting. She was impressed. :-) I made a fool out of myself though. I caught a few other moms giving me "looks." Made it feel like high school all over again. Luckily, BG was there for me and told me everything I wanted to hear. :-)

Poor Erin's got a bit of a cold. I'm trying to keep her home as much as I can, but she's so active, it's hard. I took the girls to get their Halloween costumes last night. Ael wanted to be Kim Possible, and Erin wanted to be JoJo, but they changed their minds as soon as they saw the Princess Aurora costumes at Toys R Us. Now I have 2 Auroras. :-) We had a pretty good outing, actually. Since TRU's across from the mall, we went there after to eat. The remodel is looking good. Not sure if I really like it, but it looks better than it did. We stopped at Yankee Candle, and the girls and I each picked out a votive. That seems to be becoming a ritual. The votives are cheaper, anyway. :-) My favorite scent is going to be the Scent of the Month for November!! Yay!! Candles on sale!! I picked up an application for seasonal empoloyment. Let's hope.

School's going ok. I'm working on this group assignment right now. I got pretty pissed off because 3 people in my group have assumed they're doing all the work just because they're moving at a faster pace than the rest of us. Don't they realize most people in that class only have a chance to do their work on the weekends??? They've assumed far too much, IMNSHO. Oh well. I got 50 out of 50 points on a recent assignment. I don't have the grade for that test yet, but on the test for my other class, I got an A-. WOO HOO!!

It's getting colder here. I suppose I'm going to have to turn the heat on sooner rather than later. After the remodeling the landlord did upstairs, I'm a bit reluctant to turn it on. Ugh. Probably just anxiety.

Hey! I won't be trick-or-treating with a cast on my leg this year! Hooray!! :-) That was a pain last year. We'll also be able to go to Safe Halloween at Country Village this year. I guess we didn't go last year because Garrett was working. Between Country Village and the city's Safe Halloween downtown, the girls really score. :-) Plus, we have 2 or 3 houses in our neighborhood we can go to.

I wish I were in London right now. Those lucky stiffs get to celebrate Halloween with James!!! And David B. (Angel). What I wouldnt give.....

I think I'm babbling now. So, I'll stop here. Until next time!!

current mood: okay

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Friday, October 15th, 2004
9:19 am - Find a happy place, find a happy place!!
Garrett and I watched Farenheit 9/11 last night. Man. If I hadn't already made up my mind not to vote for Bush, it would have been made up for me last night. I'm sorry I can't vote more than once. I'm afraid of what will happen to this country if Bush is re-elected. I got so depressed after we watched that movie, I just had to play a couple Spike vids before I went to bed. I needed to go to that happy place. :-) November is too long!! I want Season 7 NOW!!!!!! Or, I'd just settle for the Season 6 DVD's. *hint,hint*

Here's a cute story about Erin. Yesterday, we were getting in the car to take Garrett to work. Erin ran to the car and hopped in. I said, "What was that all about?" Erin says, "I had to get away from the creditors!!" Trying really hard not to laugh, I said, "What do you mean 'creditors'?" Erin says, "You know. The animals that eat up other animals!" This time, I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing and said, "You mean *P*redators!!!" Under my breath, "Same thing."

Later, at preschool, we were outside during large motor time. Erin was on the swings, and she didn't want to get off because her friend was in the swing right next to her. Erin says, "Mommy!!" I said, "What?" "My belly is feeling swing-sick!" "Well maybe you should stop swinging and take a rest." "No. I'm alright."

On another note, Serenity chat room has been down since Tuesday. I miss my friends! No one knows why, and no one will tell us. It better come back soon, or someone will get hurt. :-)

current mood: frustrated

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Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
5:17 pm - Not as bad as when she undressed herself in front of Ael's principal, but.....
So. We had a b-day party for Erin at McDonald's this past Sunday. Only 2 of her friends came, but we had a good time anyway. :-) We're sitting there, enjoying our cake, when Erin says, "You want to hear something you didn't know before?" Preschool Mom: "What?" Erin: "Spikey goodness!" I almost died!!!! Luckily, this mom knows about my Lust For Spike. She started laughing and we had to explain to the other mom, who doesn't come to our school anymore, what the H-E-double hockeysticks we were talking about. I was embarrassed no end....but not as much as when she undressed herself and pretended to be a dog when Ael's principal came to visit.

On another note, I took my exams today. Yeesh! The first time in 8 or 9 years I've actually taken a test. I think I did ok. I'll be interested to find out how I actually did. I hope this doesn't turn out to be a waste of time and money.

current mood: mellow

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Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
10:18 pm - You gotta love genetics.....
Wow. I'll start by saying today is Erin's birthday. I can't believe she's 5 years old today. Seems like just yesterday I brought her home. The girls and I went to the eye doc today. Ael needs glasses. She couldn't even read the letters on the wall. Nearsighted. Gotta get the hardware. Don't you love genetics??

So, I've been watching Season 6 of Buffy. Holy crap!! :-) Nekkid Spike.....mmmmm :-) I guess I'll have to catch up on Angel while I wait for Season 7 to come out. I can't believe I never watched when Buffy was on the air. Oh, what I missed!! It's not so bad, though. Through Firefly, Buffy, and Angel, I've been converted to The Genius That Is Joss Whedon. All other TV just sucks compared to his shows. Think I'll watch an ep or two before I go to bed.....

Preschool parent meeting was cool. I think this is going to be a good year. I really have to pay attention this year. It's my job to take notes. :-) Besides, I got to spread the Spike lust. :-)

Wow. It's 10:30 and I haven't eaten dinner. I guess I'll go heat up a frozen pizza. Yeah, pizza, maybe a wine cooler, eh, maybe Pepsi, and some nekkid Spike. That sounds like a good way to end the day. :-)

current mood: mellow

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2004
5:27 pm - He'd better friend me, or else....
Hm. My stupid brother hasn't friended me yet. I'm offended. Anyway. Spikey goodness is a good thing. :-) I found this really cool video. Can't remember where I got it from. Lots of Spike and Buffy kissin'. Every time the girls see it, they're all "Oooo, Spike!" Until they see the kissin'. Then it's "Eeeeeew!" LOL Too funny.

I got all homesick in the chat room today. Everybody kept talking about Maine. They were makin' me homesick. I had to pop in my Bert & I CD. I miss my accent. :-( Well, I'd better go get ready for my preschool board meeting. Till next time....

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Thursday, September 16th, 2004
11:27 pm - I love the Serenity Chat Room
It's been ages since I've hung out in a chat room. The people in this one are all Firefly fans, naturally. Most are also Buffy fans. Joss fans in general. The regulars hang out enough so we know we can joke around and be semi-naughty. They understand my Spike lust. :-) It's 11:30, so I'm going to get out of here and go watch Afterlife with Garrett. Cool episode.

current mood: content

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Tuesday, September 14th, 2004
12:45 am - More Spike Withdrawal
It's Tuesday now. Since Scarecrow didn't have S6 of Buffy, I had Garrett order them from Netflix. Found out he didn't do it in time to change Scooby 1 and Scooby 2. Grr. Arrgh. Now I'm going to be on Buffy overload. Ael and Erin will love it. I told them Buffy is Daphne, now they think she's awesome. Buffy does kick ass, but I'd rather get my Spike fix, thank you very much. :-) Only one S6 disk will be arriving. Crap. I need to get up early to get Ael ready for school. I like having her in school, but the mornings are killing me. Need to vote, too. Don't know when I'll do that. I'm kind of pissed about the new system Washington has for the primary. I'm not a member of any political party. I don't want to declare one. Oh well. If I don't vote, I can't complain. I think I'll vote, anyway. Went to Rainbow tonight. The girls are doing pretty well since they went inactive over the summer. It looks like they really want to make it work and get the Assembly up and running again. I hope so. I lived through an Assembly closure, and it wasn't fun. Wish Maine had done a program like this back when Bangor closed. We have a Star meeting tonight. Shit! I hope it's not long form opening. I haven't looked at my Ritual all summer long. Oh well. I know it well enough to fake it, I think. The girls are excited because they get to go back to Renee's house. We've been really lucky finding Renee. She watches the girls, and they love her. It's been hard finding a good babysitter since we don't have any family around. I need to type the minutes from parent orientation from preschool. I'm excited about preschool this year. It's my last year with Erin. My last year in co-op preschool. Kind of bittersweet. I've loved going to school with my girls. I think that was why it was so much harder to let Ael go to Kindergarten last year. But, I have my school work, so that'll keep me busy, too. Wow. 1 am. Guess I'd better get out of here and go to bed. Not before I check out James tasties on the web,though. I gotta get my Spike fix. :-)

current mood: sleepy

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Sunday, September 12th, 2004
11:30 pm - My First Post
Ok, we started with Firefly. Then we moved to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Simultaneously watching Angel. As a result, I'm in lust with Spike/James. Garrett made me set up this journal so I could use the icons he found from iconomania. I'm in Spike withdrawal. Scarecrow Video didn't have Season 6 when I went to get it last Thursday. So, now I'm waiting for the first 2 disks of S6 to arrive from Netflix. I gotta have my Spikey Goodness!! Grr. Arrgh.

current mood: Spike withdrawal

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